SBYB Safe – getting ready for testing

Regional and peripheral nerve anaesthesia is an excellent technique to facilitate pain-free surgery without the risks inherent in general anaesthesia and systemic analgesics. It also acts as an adjunct in combination with general anaesthesia and is now an indispensable tool for perioperative analgesic control in many forms of surgery.

The creators of the SBYB Safe Injection Monitoring System were inspired to create a device to reduce the harm associated with wrong side anaesthetic block and inadvertent injection of local anaesthetic into a nerve, further increasing the safety profile of this form of anaesthesia in conjunction with the recent popularity of ultrasound-guided nerve blockade.

We are the first group to combine the two key safety innovations of a ‘Stop Before You Block’ lockout and an injection pressure monitoring system into one intuitive and affordable medical device.

In designing and producing the device, the creators worked hard to draw on expertise from the electrical engineering and fields as well as the acumen of world-renowned clinicians within the field of regional anaesthesia.

By developing the ‘Stop Before You Block’ lockout feature, the creators recognised the growing theoretical and practical analysis of the ‘human factor’ and models of procedural or system error that contribute to medical errors. We believe that safety must be ‘designed in’ for all medical devices, and  that the increase in sophistication of modern devices poses risks and opportunities for the reduction of medical harm. We hope to lead the field in creating safe and risk minimising products for the medical industry in the future.

SBYB Safe is shortly about to undergo active testing in real-life everyday anaesthetic practice. We hope to show that our device can reduce harm in regional anaesthesia and we look forward to you joining our journey to improve medical practice through innovation.

If you would like to join our testing programme, please email with the details of your organisation and your role. We look forward to hearing from you.