SBYB Safe is an injection safety monitoring system for peripheral nerve blockade, designed and built by anaesthetic clinicians.

The system is designed for use in conjunction with ultrasound guidance for nerve injection and consists of an objective injection pressure monitoring system and a ‘Stop Before You Block’ confirmation system.

The device is intended to help improve safety, by confirming with the physician the laterality of the injection site, before activation of the pressure monitoring system to help avoid injection into a poorly compliant tissue such as that found within the nerve fascicle.


We are a group of clinicians developing a ‘Stop Before You Block’ device designed as a reminder to both confirm the site of local anaesthetic injection, and to provide an objective monitor of local anaesthetic injection pressures to help avoid intra-neural injection.

Pitching Event Tues 18th July (ustwo, Shoreditch High Street, London)

Come and hear about our medical innovation at ustwo, Shoreditch High Street, London, from 6.30pm on Tuesday 18th July.

SBYB Safe – getting ready for testing

Regional and peripheral nerve anaesthesia is an excellent technique to facilitate pain-free surgery without the risks inherent in general anaesthesia and systemic analgesics. It also acts as an adjunct in combination with general anaesthesia and is now an indispensable tool for perioperative analgesic control in many forms of surgery. The creators of the SBYB Safe Injection …


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